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17Tour Agency is the main supplier for Golden Island Cruise for the Komodo Trip from Lombok and Labuan Bajo to Lombok Komodo Trip. Known for having a good reputation as a travel agency in Gili Trawangan and Lombok. Now, we are opening a partnership with one of the ship companies that we feel aligns with our vision and mission. 

We carefully plan your journey to Komodo Island to ensure an unforgettable holiday experience. With one of the largest, most comfortable ships, and officially certified safety standards. 17Tour Agency is ready to take you sailing to one of the wonders of the world, “Komodo National Park”.


  • Our ship is the largest and most comfortable for international guests. You don’t need to stoop on the deck like on other ships. 
  • The only ship lined with 20 layers of fiberglass, ensuring no leaks and a more stable ship acceleration. 
  • Our ship is equipped with an internationally standard safety system that has been officially licensed to sail. 
  • All ship crew members have over 20 years of experience working at sea with official government certifications. 
  • The prices we offer are competitive and low budget
  • Most importantly, we always provide maximum service to ensure a safe and comfortable sailing experience.

Our review tell how good we are!


Don’t concern yourself with the details of your needs when starting your Komodo trip from Lombok with Golden Island Cruise. We’ve taken care of everything to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you. Starting from the pick-up transportation at your hotel in Lombok, meals and during your time on our boat, snorkeling equipment, entrance fee to Komodo National Park, and others. Don’t just plan, let’s start the trip to one of the wonders of the world.

Trip Highlight

  • Witnessing the sunrise and sunset each day from your boat.
  • Swimming with dozens of whale sharks off the coast of Sumbawa Island.
  • Exploring the rich marine life and underwater wonders of Lombok, Sumbawa, and Komodo Islands.
  • Sailing accompanied by dozens of dolphins following your boat.
  • Visiting Komodo Island, Padar Island, Pink Beach, and other beautiful islands.
  • Snorkeling to see Manta rays, beautiful coral reefs, and much more.

Our boat and facilites

We are the official partner of Golden Island Cruise who has good reviews and comfortable boat. We are the biggest, populer, and most comfort boat to Komodo island from Lombok with 20 layers of fibberglass, and don’t forget with low budget komodo trip. Golden Island Cruise is a Komodo boat tour managed directly by 17Tour Agency. We always do our best and totality work. The best service and comfort of our guests is a priority.  We offering tours exploring the waters of eastern Indonesia during the 4D3N Komodo tour. Our boats departs every Wednesday and Saturday.

Boat Specification:

  • Body: 20 layers of leak-proof fiberglass
  • Length: 40m 
  • Beam: 10 m 
  • Speed: 6-9 knot 
  • Engine: New Yanmar 
  • Generator: 24Hours 30KVA, 7500 watt for emergency 
  • Navigation: AIS, Compass, Radar, Map – Radio: SBB Radio, VHF Radio 
  • Speed Boat: Fiberglass boat with 40 hp
  •  Fresh Water: 7000 Litters

You Will Get SPECIAL Discount Every Booking with Us!

Golden Islands Cruise 88 Leave every Saturday Budget Class

1. Private cabin Fan Sea View 4 rooms 8 Passenger

Komodo boat lombok


  • Fan
  • Sea View Window
  • Big Room Space
  • Share toilet
IDR 4.200.000/Person

2. Private cabin Fan 2 rooms 4 Passenger

Private Cabin Fans


  • Fan
  • Share toilet
IDR 3.500.000/Person

3. Share cabin fan down stare 10 rooms 18 Passenger

Komodo boat trip Lombok


  • Fan
  • Share toilet
IDR 3.500.000/Person

3. Share deck fan up stare 1 rooms 21 Passenger

Komodo trip Lombok


  • Fan
  • Share toilet
IDR 3.300.000/Person

Golden Islands Cruise 168 Leave every Wednesday Deluxe Class

1. Private cabin AC Sea View 2 rooms 4 Passenger

Komodo trip from lombok


  • Full AC
  • Open Window
  • Big Room Space
  • 2 Bottle of water every day in the room
  • Room service
  • Share toilet
IDR 5.000.000/Person

2. Private cabin fan Sea View 3 rooms 6 Passenger

Komodo boat from lombok


  • Fan
  • Sea View Window
  • Big Room Space
  • 2 Bottle of water every day in the room
  • Share toilet
IDR 4.200.000/Person

2. Private cabin fan STANDARD 2 rooms 4 Passenger

HDEC1748 17Tour Agency


  • Fan
  • Sea View Window
  • Big Room Space
  • Share toilet
IDR 3.500.000/Person

3. Share deck down stare fan 7 rooms 11 Passenger

Komodo boat trip Lombok


  • Fans
  • 1 Room for 2 Person
  • Share toilet
IDR 3.500.000/Person

3. Share deck upstairs 12 Passenger

Komodo Boat trip lombok


  • Fans
  • 1 Room for 12 Passenger
  • Share toilet
IDR 3.300.000/Person

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What is Included on the Package

What is Excluded on the Package

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How to Book the Trip?

  1. Enquiry the trip at least 1 week before by send us message by What’ App or email.
  2. Choose your departure date and type of Cabin you prefer
  3. Send your passport and 30% Deposit to secure the booking, you could pay by credit card with 3% Additional charge or bank transfer without any charge. for bank transfer we do have international account as Euro, GBP , or  USD. 
  4. When we recieve the deposit payment, we will send you an e-ticket as the confirmation. you could show your e-ticket for check in in the dept date in our office in Gili Trawangan or Bangsal harbor.
  5. Trip Done and enjoy!

importnant Note Before you Book The Trip

  • Ensure to book the boat at least 2 weeks before the departure date to secure your space. 
  • For those in Mataram, Senggigi, Bangsal, please provide the name of your hotel one day before the departure date for complimentary pick-up.
  • If you are on Gili Trawangan, come directly to the 17Tour Agency Office in front of Gili T port for free transportation to the meeting point.
  • For travelers on Gili Meno or Gili Air, contact our customer service one day before departure to arrange a meeting point and pick-up.
  • Do not book your flight tickets and accommodations from Labuan Bajo to your next destination to avoid unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected ship delays. Reserve everything once you are already on board.

  • In the event of a cancellation due to issues from the provider, we will refund your money in full.


Pick-up Service

08:00 Our team will pick you up from all areas of Lombok (Mataram, Senggigi, Bangsal) and the Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan and Gili Air) to the meeting point at Pandu Restaurant in Bangsal Port. to be aware please kindly get your breakfast in your hotel, because you have long journey to Kayangan harbor. (Apx 3 hours)

For those of you who stay in Kuta, we will pick you up at 11.00 am, because we will straight to Kayangan harbor without wating time to Bangsal. You will pay 100K for the transport to Kayangan. for your information: we will drop you straight to Kayangan harbor if we have minimum three person Guests to pick up from Kuta.

09.00-10.30am Meeting Point

We will do check-in in our office, and than we will transfer by bus with Air conditioning to Kayangan harbor.

Kanawa Island Sumbawa.

Heading to Kanawa Island Sumbawa, here you will engage  beautiful sunset on the top of the Kanawa hill.

Swim with Whale Sharks

We continue sail in the night, and we will arrive in Saleh Bay Sumbawa in the morning around 07.00am. In the second day, we will swim, and play with huge of whale sharks. spend two hour snorkeling and swimming before we continue to sail.

Look the Sunset in Tambora Beach

Here you will amaze by the beautiful landscape, beach, hill surounded. spend time here you could also jump from the boat.

Komodo Island

On the third day, we will visit Komodo Island, getting up close to the ancient creatures, observing their habitat and witnessing their breeding behaviors. You will be accompanied by a licensed local guide to witness these wild predators.

Padar Island and Pink Beach

After visiting Komodo Island, we will head to Pink beach, we will spend time on the beach while we waiting for the sunset time. after that we will do soft trekking in Padar Island, known for its stunning hills and beaches. We will embark on a soft trekking adventure to enjoy the beauty sunset from top of Padar island.

Boat Party

After we do so much activities, our friendly crew will set it up the party in the night. be ready for that.


Majarinte island

On the last day, we will snorkeling in Majarite Island where you have  chance to see the beautiful coral garden, turtles, colorful fish, ect.

Kelor Island

in Kelor Island, where you can engage in snorkeling and play with baby sharks or simply bask in the beauty of the beach. spent our time 2 hours here before we continue to Labuan Bajo to conclude this journey. we will be arrive in Labuan Bajo around 2-3 pm

Gallery Photo & Video Komodo Trip from Lombok

FAQ Most frequenly ask by the passenger

Can you get to Komodo Island from Lombok?

Yes, you can go to Komodo Islands from Lombok using Pinshi boat trip. The boat leaving from Kayangan Harbor everyMonday, Wednesday and, Saturday.

What is the best way to get to Komodo Island?

Our experience joining a boat trip to Komodo Island from Lombok was the best. Aside from saving on budget, you can also explore many places other than the Komodo Islands, such as swimming with whale sharks in Sumbawa Island.

How much does it cost to get to Komodo Island?

From Lombok to Komodo island by pinishi boat:
Lowest price: 3.500.000
Luxury trip: 8.000.000
however you could choose many boat option to get to Komodo island

Where is the pick-up and meeting point for the Komodo trip in Lombok?

We provide pick-up services at Three Gili Islands (Trawangan, Meno, and Gili Air), Bangsal Lombok, Mataram, and Senggigi for free. There will be an extra charge for transportation for pick-ups outside these areas. and, for meeting point depend of which boat you take, some of them has an office in Bangsal or Senggigi.

Can I be picked up in Bali for the Komodo trip from Lombok?

Yes, we can also pick you up from Bali using a fast boat. We can pick you up in the areas of Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Legian, Sanur, and Ubud. Additionally, we can also pick you up in Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan.

Term and Condition

  • Booking Confirmation: You can make bookings through our official website and WhatsApp service for your komodo trip from lombok adventure.
  • Payment: A deposit payment must be made 2 days before departure via local or international bank transfer.
  • Cancellation:  Cancellation with notice before 2 months prior to departure will incur a cancellation fee of 75% of the total reservation cost. Cancellation with notice 1 month prior to departure will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the total reservation cost. Cancellation with notice less than 1 month prior to departure will not be eligible for a refund (no refund).
  • Booking Changes: Booking changes can be made up to a maximum of 48 hours before the departure date, subject to availability and additional fees from the service provider.
  • Liability for Damages: The company is not responsible for injuries or damages caused by the actions and negligence of passengers themselves.

Sailing Komodo Trip from Lombok to Komodo showcases unparalleled beauty.

We offer a unique journey that is relaxing and soothing along the spectacular route from Lombok to Komodo Island. You will witness breathtaking seascapes, stunning beaches, enchanting islands, and underwater gardens that will leave you amazed. Have you ever swum with hundreds of friendly whale sharks or observed Komodo dragons up close? Discover all of this with us. Here are the destinations you will explore while sailing with us.

Kenawa Island Sumbawa

Next, we will explore Kenawa Island, one of the stops during the sailing journey to Komodo Island. Located to the east of Lombok and part of the Sumbawa region, this island presents incredible natural beauty with its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. The island is also renowned for its beautiful coral reefs and spectacular underwater biodiversity.

Apart from snorkeling, hiking the hills of Kenawa Island is a must-do activity. Despite its steep incline, the view from the hilltop will make every hiking effort worthwhile with its breathtaking natural beauty. You can even enjoy a stunning sunset view from the hill’s summit.

Swim with Whale Shark in Saleh Bay.

One of the remarkable experiences on the journey to Komodo Island is visiting Teluk Saleh in Sumbawa, where you can swim with hundreds of friendly whale sharks. The whale shark is a natural wonder found in Sumbawa Island, and Teluk Saleh is one of the largest bays on the island. Administratively connected to the Flores Sea and separated by Moyo Island, the waters of Teluk Saleh cover an area of about 1,459 km2, providing ample space to encounter these magnificent creatures.

Upon arriving at the location, our team will guide you for snorkeling and swimming alongside these majestic whale sharks, which can grow up to 12 meters in size. These gentle giants will accompany you as you swim in the tranquil waters, offering a truly unforgettable experience. Witnessing whale sharks in their natural habitat is an experience that will remain etched in the memories of travelers visiting Sumbawa Island.

Watch the video here: Swimming with Whale Shark

Visit Komodo Island

Komodo Island is renowned for being home to more than 2000 Komodo dragons in Labuan Bajo that have thrived in their reproduction. We will visit Komodo Island to witness these ancient creatures up close, creatures that have been recognized as one of the world’s wonders. UNESCO designated Komodo Island as a World Heritage Site in 1986 due to its rarity. Apart from encountering these rare animals, there are many other unique tropical species that you can discover. Additionally, the island presents us with breathtaking natural scenery.

Speaking of Komodo dragons, these rare ancient reptiles are the main attraction of Komodo Island. Phylogenetically, Komodos are classified within the lizard group. However, these carnivores primarily prey on pigs, deer, horses, and buffaloes. The length of a Komodo dragon’s body can reach 2 to 3 meters, with an average weight ranging from 100 to 165 kilograms.

Visit Padar Island, Kelor Island and other islands.

But that’s not all; while sailing to Komodo Island with us, we’ll be treated to the stunning view of Labuan Bajo. Another captivating destination on our journey is Pink Beach. This beach is truly unique, unlike any other in Indonesia or the world. Its sand’s color is the reason for its distinctiveness. It’s not white or black; it’s pink, as its name suggests.

Pink Beach holds its own charm for tourists visiting Labuan Bajo. Its beauty acts as a magnet for those seeking to relish the untouched beauty of nature. Aside from enjoying the beach’s allure, tourists can also engage in activities like snorkeling and diving to explore the beauty of the coral reefs surrounding the beach.

Apart from the aforementioned places, there are many more spots we’ll visit, such as Kelor Island, Majarinte, Makkasar reefs, and much more. This makes the sailing journey from Lombok to Komodo Island an incredibly special and memorable experience for you.

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