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Private Snorkeling in the most famous spot in Gili Islands

Statue Gile meno snorkeling Indulge in the serenity of a private snorkeling adventure as we explore the renowned and sought-after destination in the picturesque Gili Islands, the Statue Gili Meno. This enchanting underwater haven is known far and wide, drawing numerous snorkelers to its crystal-clear waters throughout the day. However, in our quest to ensure you experience this aquatic wonderland in all its tranquil glory, we propose a unique solution. Embrace the dawn’s soft light and embark on an early morning snorkeling expedition before the rest of the world stirs, allowing you to relish this magnificent spot in solitary splendor. By choosing to set off at the break of day, you’ll not only beat the crowds but also be granted an uninterrupted, magical encounter with the mesmerizing marine life and the captivating Statue Gili Meno.

Statue Gili Meno

Our exclusive snorkeling excursion to Statue Gili Meno snorkeling is a brief yet unforgettable journey, spanning just one hour. Throughout this captivating adventure, you will be accompanied by a seasoned professional snorkeling guide who possesses a deep understanding of the underwater realm. These adept guides are not only experts in ensuring your safety but are also skilled at capturing the mesmerizing beauty of the aquatic world. They will meticulously document your journey, preserving the enchanting moments, and allowing you to take home a vivid record of your aquatic escapade. This short but immersive experience promises a world of enchantment in the company of experts, ensuring that you cherish every moment of your exploration.

Itinerary Statue Gili Meno Snorkeling Trip

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable snorkeling experience, we request your presence at our office no later than 05:45. This early hour gives you enough time to carefully prepare the essential equipment needed for your upcoming snorkeling adventure. At this designated meeting point, our goal is to carefully organize and inspect all the equipment, ensuring it is in perfect condition for your underwater adventure. This thorough preparation not only guarantees your comfort and safety but also offers you the opportunity to enjoy every moment of your snorkeling trip without any interruptions.

When the clock strikes 06:00, our journey to the stunning underwater statues on Gili Meno will begin. The morning light paints the world with soft colors, creating the perfect calm atmosphere to start this adventure. Starting snorkeling in the morning will avoid us from the hustle and bustle of people in this one spot. As we know, Statue Point is the most sought after snorkeling spot by tourists. Apart from that, in the morning you will see the clear sea, in the embrace of the gentle grace of dawn, revealing a spectacle of beauty, making this moment even more enchanting. Our expedition promises a harmonious blend of discovery and serenity, as we prepare to immerse ourselves in the underwater wonders that await us.

After we've done snorkeling and express your self. We will back to Gili T, We will send your photo and video to your phone by USB Adapter. 

Price: IDR 650K/1 Hour

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Know more about Statue Gili Meno Story

The Gili Islands, situated off the northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia, are celebrated for their immaculate waters, vibrant coral reefs, and a kaleidoscope of marine life. Snorkeling enthusiasts flock to these paradisiacal islands, eager to explore the rich underwater ecosystems and encounter the abundant sea turtles that grace the surrounding waters. For those seeking a distinctive and enchanting experience, a visit to the Gili Meno statues is a must—a submerged spectacle that not only fulfills mermaid fantasies but also creates a backdrop for truly epic travel photos.

The tale behind the Gili Meno statues, aptly named “Nest,” adds an intriguing layer to this underwater attraction. Commissioned by BASK, an eco-resort that stands proudly nearby, these statues were crafted by the skilled hands of British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. Described as “hauntingly beautiful,” the 48 life-size statues form a circle on the ocean floor, with embracing figures encircling curled-up counterparts. What sets these statues apart is their origin—they were molded from the casts of real people, rendering each sculpture a unique and personal creation.

Jason deCaires Taylor, a renowned underwater sculptor with works spanning the Canary Islands, Mexico, West Indies, and even a temporary exhibit in the Thames in London, designed Nest not just as a visual masterpiece but as an environmental sanctuary. The statues, made from pH-neutral, environmental-grade cement and securely anchored to the seabed, serve as a canvas for coral to flourish, forming a man-made reef. In a world where coral reefs are rapidly deteriorating due to various factors, including pollution, overfishing, and climate change, initiatives like Nest provide a beacon of hope. The statues, acting as a haven for marine life, showcase a sustainable way to contribute to the revival of these vital ecosystems.

The environmental significance of the Gili Meno underwater statues becomes even more apparent against the backdrop of global coral reef decline. The 2018 earthquake and illegal anchoring around the Gili Islands exacerbated the damage to Indonesia’s diverse reefs. Nest, however, stands as a testament to human efforts to reverse this trend, offering a platform for soft corals, sponges, and other marine life to thrive. The statues, over time, will transform into a fully-established reef, demonstrating the potential for human-made structures to support and sustain underwater ecosystems.

For those planning a visit, Gili Meno is conveniently situated between Gili Trawangan to the west and Gili Air to the east, accessible by a short boat ride from Bali. The statues are strategically positioned on the west side of the island, in front of the BASK Resort, which is set to open in 2020.

Given the popularity of the Gili Meno statues, it’s advisable to plan your visit wisely. Peak hours, typically from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., attract crowds of boats and tourists, potentially diminishing the magical experience. For the best photo opportunities, consider visiting early in the morning (8 a.m. or earlier) or around 1 p.m. when many boat tours are on lunch breaks or returning.

Swimmers approaching the statues from Gili Meno should exercise caution due to sharp coral, and wearing fins is recommended for a safer and closer exploration of the growing coral. Responsible tourism is emphasized, urging visitors to avoid touching or provoking marine life and refraining from feeding the fish, as these actions can disrupt the delicate underwater ecosystem. Additionally, wearing “reef-safe” sunscreen is encouraged, with numerous shops on Gili Trawangan offering suitable options to protect the coral and marine life from harmful chemicals.

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  1. Snorkeling Equipment: Make sure you choose snorkeling equipment that fits your body size, including a mask, snorkel, and fins. 17Tour Agency provides equipment, but if you want to ensure your comfort and safety, it's better to bring your own gear.
  2. Sunscreen or Sunblock Lotion: Don't forget to bring high SPF sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin and head from the intense sunlight. The islands of the Gili Trio are known for their white sandy beaches and clear seawater, so you'll be spending a lot of time under the sun.
  3. Medications: Always carry medications like antihistamines or motion sickness remedies if you have allergies or experience motion sickness while snorkeling.
  4. Drinking Water: We provide sufficient mineral water during the trip, but it's recommended to bring extra drinking water to meet your needs while on the islands.
  5. Cash: Some shops or restaurants on Gili Meno and Gili Air accept credit card payments, but it's advisable to carry cash as a backup. Information
  6. About Snorkeling Spots: Ensure you have information about the snorkeling spots before the trip. 17Tour Agency will provide comprehensive information about the snorkeling spots you'll be visiting.
  7. Snorkeling Guide: For your safety and comfort, it's recommended to follow the instructions of the snorkeling guide from 17Tour Agency. Our snorkeling guides are trained and experienced. This guide will assist you during the snorkeling activities.

The underwater depth around the statue shows a wide expanse of around 7 meters. This depth range creates an optimal environment that meets the interests of snorkelers and divers, striking the perfect balance between accessibility and the thrill of exploration. Within this aquatic area, one is introduced to a serene subaquatic panorama, decorated with mosaics of vivid sea creatures and of course underwater sculptures accompanied by the gentle dance of sunlight penetrating the crystal clear waters. The range of available depths serves as a welcoming canvas, ensuring that both beginners and experienced enthusiasts can enjoy the intricate tapestry of the underwater world at their own pace. This diversity transforms the location into an exhilarating and enchanting paradise, accommodating the desires of everyone who wants to uncover the amazing secrets hidden beneath the surface.


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