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17Tour Agency Presents a Luxury Honeymoon Package in Lombok with Exclusive Services and Facilities for 7 Days and 6 Nights. This package is designed to cater to couples seeking a romantic getaway. It offers a journey to the beautiful island of Lombok with luxurious accommodations at The Oberoi Lombok. Couples will have the opportunity to enjoy various activities and stunning natural landscapes over the course of 7 days and 6 nights. It’s the perfect choice for couples looking to have a captivating and unforgettable vacation.

The Advantages of Honeymoon Packages with 17Tour Agency

  1. VIP Services and Luxurious Facilities: Customers will be greeted with VIP services and can indulge in luxury facilities for 7 days and 6 nights. These facilities include accommodations at the finest 5-star resorts in Gili and Lombok, special airport pickup in a comfortable private vehicle, and private tours and activities.

  2. Beautiful and Romantic Accommodations: Beautiful and romantic accommodations will create the perfect romantic atmosphere for customers and their partners. Each room comes with modern amenities and breathtaking views. We have selected the Oberoi Hotel in Lombok and Pondok Santi in Gili Trawangan as the places to stay during the package.

  3. Exclusive Activities and Experiences: Customers will be treated to exclusive activities and experiences designed specifically for honeymooners in Lombok. Some of the activities include visiting private islands with stunning views, snorkeling, island hopping, enjoying sunsets on the beach, and much more.

  4. Unforgettable Unique Experiences: Customers will have unforgettable unique experiences in Lombok with 17Tour Agency. Every activity and experience will make customers feel special and create lifelong memories.

  • We will provide a comfortable and seamless airport pickup service. Our friendly and professional team will warmly welcome you upon your arrival at the airport to ensure your comfort from the moment you land. We will assist you with your luggage and ensure you safely reach the Oberoi Lombok Hotel. Our airport pickup service is well-organized, so you don't need to worry about tedious tasks like waiting or planning your route. Enjoy a hassle-free and relaxed airport pickup service with 17Tour Agency during your honeymoon in Lombok.

    Upon arriving at the Oberoi Lombok Hotel, you will be greeted by the hotel staff who will assist you with check-in and handle your luggage. Your room will be prepared and arranged to welcome you, and you will be able to relax and rest after your journey. The hotel's friendly and professional staff will always be ready to assist you with any needs during your stay. Feel free to ask for assistance if you require anything.

    After check-in, the evening is free for you to enjoy. You can take advantage of the Oberoi's luxurious and comprehensive facilities, such as the spa and have lunch at the world-class restaurant. In the evening, you can witness the beauty of the sunset in front of the hotel. The hotel boasts a strategic location with stunning views of the sea and the small islands, including the enchanting Gili Islands. You can sit and relax on the hotel's terrace or garden, enjoying the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere while savoring the sunset.

On the second day, we will visit Gili Gili in Sekotong. We will explore Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, and Gili Kedis, which are famous for their beautiful beaches and comfortable underwater gardens. Here's the detailed itinerary:

Departure from the Oboroi Hotel. Our tour guide and driver will pick you up and head to the Tawun harbor in Sekotong.

Upon arriving at Tawun Harbor, you will be greeted by the boat crew who will take you around the three Gili islands. Then, we will head to Gili Nanggu, which will take about 15 minutes.

Enjoying the atmosphere of Gili Nanggu. Upon reaching Gili Nanggu, you and your partner can enjoy the island's natural beauty in a tranquil and peaceful setting. Here, you can engage in snorkeling activities with views of the underwater gardens and beautiful ornamental fish. Additionally, enjoying the pristine and comfortable beaches is also a great option.

Heading to Gili Sudak. After enjoying the ambiance of Gili Nanggu for a few hours, the boat will take you and your partner to Gili Sudak. The journey to Gili Sudak only takes 7-10 minutes from Gili Nanggu. Upon arrival at Gili Sudak, your guide will invite you to snorkel at one of the best spots on the island. Afterward, you are free to relish the enchanting natural beauty of Gili Sudak. We will have lunch here at one of the beachfront restaurants offering traditional Lombok seafood dishes.

Heading to Gili Kedis. After lunch and enjoying the natural beauty of Gili Sudak, we will return by boat to our final destination, Gili Kedis. Gili Kedis is a small island, measuring only about 1 km. Here, you can savor the comfortable and exotic beach atmosphere while waiting for a breathtaking sunset view.

Return to the harbor for the journey back to the hotel and some rest.

  • On the third day, it's time to unwind at the hotel after the tour you had the day before. The Oboroi Hotel is one of the most luxurious international hotels with comprehensive facilities. We are providing you with a voucher for a romantic spa experience for you and your partner, where you can enjoy a massage treatment from professional therapists available at the hotel. Additionally, you can take a swim in the pool, soak up the seaside view while sunbathing on the hotel's beachfront, or relax on the beachfront sunbeds.

    Our team will be on standby, waiting for your messages or calls. If you wish to explore the surrounding tourist areas, such as the zoo, Monkey Forest, or even head to Senaru Village to visit Lombok's highest waterfall, we are here to assist you.

Check-Out at the Oboroi Hotel: After enjoying three beautiful and delightful days at the Oboroi Hotel, it's time to continue your honeymoon journey to a new destination. Before departing, participants will be provided with a hearty breakfast to kickstart the day with sufficient energy. The check-out time at the Oboroi Hotel is 11:00 AM. The pick-up time will be arranged according to your request.

Journey to Gili Trawangan: Our team will arrange for a fast boat right in front of the hotel to take you directly to Gili Trawangan. It only takes 15-20 minutes to arrive at Gili Trawangan. Upon arrival at the harbor, our team will assist in handling your belongings and finding a CIDOMO (horse-drawn carriage) for your transfer to Pondok Santi. When you arrive at Pondok Santi Hotel, you will receive a warm welcome from the Pondok Santi Hotel team. The team will assist with the check-in process and ensure your comfort during your stay.

Free Time: Please take advantage of the facilities offered by the hotel, or you can explore the island using the bicycles provided by the hotel. Pondok Santi is the only 5-star hotel on Gili Trawangan, offering comfort and stunning views with its spacious gardens, large and clean rooms, and other amenities.

  • On the fifth day, guests will experience an amazing snorkeling adventure on three famous islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Our team will pick you up after breakfast at the hotel. We'll then head to the harbor where our boat is moored, using a CIDOMO for transportation. You will be taken on a tour around the three islands aboard a comfortable private boat equipped with complete safety gear.

    First, our journey will take us to Gili Meno, a quieter island with clean, white sandy beaches. Here, we will invite you to snorkel at the statue of love and the blue coral garden. Afterward, we will explore the beauty of the island's beaches and its central lake.

    After Gili Meno, we'll head to Gili Air, a beautiful island with stunning beaches. Here, you can snorkel once again alongside thousands of beautiful ornamental fish and also observe the remains of a Japanese Army shipwreck that occurred thousands of years ago in the waters of Gili Air. We'll then disembark on the island to explore and enjoy its beach beauty.

    Finally, we will make our way to Gili Trawangan for snorkeling at the Turtle spot and coral reefs that can be found there.

    Return to your luxurious hotel for rest and relaxation.

On the sixth day, honeymooning couples will have free time to enjoy the beauty of Gili Trawangan. You can explore the island by bicycle or on foot, visit the traditional market, or simply relax on the beautiful beaches. As always, our team will be available whenever you need assistance or recommendations! This is an opportunity for couples to spend quality time together and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Gili Trawangan. If you're looking for additional activities, you can take advantage of various activity packages available on Gili Trawangan, such as diving, snorkeling, horse riding, kayaking, boat parties, and much more. You can tailor your day on Gili Trawangan to your preferences, creating wonderful memories during your honeymoon in Lombok. Feel free to contact our team at any time to arrange all your needs.

On the last day, we will pick you up from your hotel, as usual, with the timing based on your request.

We will visit one of the local souvenir shops typical of Lombok, SASAKU Senggigi. Here, you can explore various local and unique products that can serve as mementos from your vacation in Lombok. Afterward, we will head to the airport. This will mark the end of your beautiful and memorable holiday in Lombok. However, we are confident that you will return home with many unforgettable memories and impressions. The trip is concluded.

The price of a luxury honeymoon packages in Lombok for 7 days and 6 nights.

  1. Luxury Honeymoon Package Class A Stay at Oboroi and Pondok Santi Resort IDR 25,000,000 per couple

  2. Luxury Honeymoon Package Class B Stay at Puri Mas Resort and Hotel Ombak Sunset IDR 20,000,000 per couple

  3. Luxury Honeymoon Package Class C Stay at Hotel Svarga Resort Senggigi and Aston Sunset Beach Gili T IDR 15,000,000 per couple

For those of you who want a luxurious honeymoon in Lombok with shorter durations such as:

  1. Luxury Honeymoon Package 6 Days 5 Nights
  2. Luxury Honeymoon Package 5 Days 4 Nights
  3. Luxury Honeymoon Package 4 Days 3 Nights
  4. Luxury Honeymoon Package 3 Days 2 Nights
  5. Luxury Honeymoon Package 2 Days 1 Night

Please contact us via our official email or WhatsApp:

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +6281935400078

Terms and Conditions for the Packages

  1. Booking: You can book the package through our website. To confirm your reservation, a 50% deposit of the package price is required.

  2. Package Price: The price of the luxury honeymoon package in Lombok includes accommodation at selected hotels based on your chosen class, transportation during the tour, activities and tours, as well as 24-hour customer service.

  3. Additional Guests: You can add extra individuals to join your tour at an applicable additional cost.

  4. Itinerary Changes: We will strive to adhere to the planned itinerary. However, we reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary if unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather or access limitations require it.

  5. Cancellation: If you cancel your reservation for the luxury honeymoon package in Lombok less than 14 days before the departure date, the received deposit will not be refunded. If the cancellation is made more than 30 days before the departure date, the deposit will be fully refunded.

  6. Insurance: We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect yourself from possible cancellations or required medical treatment during the trip.

  7. Responsibility: We are responsible for your safety and comfort during the journey. However, we are not liable for any loss or damage caused by your own actions or negligence.

    By purchasing the luxury honeymoon package in Lombok, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. We hope you can enjoy your luxury honeymoon journey and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

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