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Feature Trip and Activities

Indulge in our premier services with a selection of trips and activities most sought after by many. Your gateway to exceptional experiences awaits!

imagee NUEL43L 17Tour Agency Gili Trawangan


IDR 3000K

Embark on an extraordinary journey from Lombok to Komodo aboard a traditional phinisi boat. Discover the wonders of natural beauty that await you on this remarkable voyage.



IDR 150K

Immerse yourself in the thrill of snorkeling at the Gili Islands, exploring the stunning underwater beauty alongside professional and delightful guides. Experience the magic beneath the surface like never before!

rinjani trekking packages


IDR 1950K

Embrace genuine challenges, and let each step be a testament to the rewarding beauty that awaits at the summit. Your determination will unfold a story of triumph for the world to witness.

Open Trip Snorkeling Gili Trawangan

Lombok to Gili Boat Trip

IDR 2200K

For those of you eager to explore Gili Trawangan, Meno, and Gili Air all in a single day, we facilitate a glass-bottom boat from Lombok. This unique vessel allows you not only to witness all three Gilis simultaneously through its glass floor but also to indulge in snorkeling activities at their finest spots. Join us for an unforgettable experience that combines the beauty of the underwater world with the unique charm of these three Gili islands.

Gili Trawangan Tour Package


IDR 450K

Experience the ultimate holiday convenience with us. We’ve curated everything you need for a seamless stay on Gili Trawangan, from comfortable accommodations to transportation and engaging activities throughout your vacation. Allow us to enhance your experience with hassle-free arrangements, ensuring you have the perfect blend of comfort and excitement during your time in Gili Trawangan.

Lombok Tour Packafe


Your holiday is a unique and special experience, and we want you to savor every moment without any concerns. Allow us to take care of all your needs during your getaway in Lombok, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience. From arranging comfortable accommodations and reliable transportation to curating engaging activities, we are dedicated to crafting an unforgettable journey tailored just for you.



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Our Top Destinations

Embark on an odyssey of endless discovery, enveloped in joy and comfort, when you vacation in the Gili Islands and Lombok with the exceptional services of 17Tour Agency. Here, each expedition unfolds as a captivating narrative, etching indelible memories and enriching the tapestry of our lives with extraordinary experiences and unparalleled moments of wonder and exploration.


Other Lombok-Gili's Tours

Explore more exciting tours in and around the Gili Islands and Lombok. Additionally, we offer convenient transportation services from Bali to Gili and Lombok. Rest assured, our offers are designed to enrich your experiences without breaking the bank. Discover the beauty of these destinations with us, and be confident that our deals are tailored to make your journey both memorable and affordable!

Gili Kondo Tour

Gili Kondo Tour

IDR 1250K/Pax

Gili Kondo, an elusive island nestled in the eastern part of Lombok, remains a hidden gem, seldom exposed to the limelight. Despite its discreet existence, this captivating enclave boasts breathtaking beauty and mesmerizing underwater riches, inviting those fortunate enough to discover its secrets into a world of unparalleled splendor

Tur Pantai Pink

Pink Beach

IDR 1.250K/Pax

Pink Beach Lombok has emerged as a beloved destination, captivating the hearts of travelers. Begin your adventure and explore its beauty with a boat trip alongside us, as we navigate the crystalline waters and unveil the allure of this enchanting locale. Join us in discovering the mesmerizing charm of Pink Beach, a now-favorite hotspot that promises an unforgettable journey through its unique blend of natural wonders and coastal elegance

Lombok waterfall tour

Lombok Waterfall Tour


Lombok, bestowed with unparalleled natural riches, boasts enchanting waterfalls scattered across its landscapes. Join us in uncovering these hidden gems as we guide you to discover the cascading beauty of these waterfalls in various locations. Let’s embark on a journey together to witness the awe-inspiring wonders that Lombok has to offer.

Nusa penida


IDR 800K

Embark on a journey to explore the beauty of Nusa Penida with us. Whether starting from Bali or the Gili Islands, our adventure promises an immersive experience that unveils the enchanting landscapes, stunning vistas, and unique charm of Nusa Penida. Join us as we traverse this island paradise, discovering its hidden gems and creating lasting memories against the backdrop of its breathtaking natural wonders

Desa Sade Lombok 17Tour Agency Gili Trawangan

Sasak Culture Tour

IDR 900K

Lombok Island is not only blessed with stunning natural beauty but also with a unique culture and people that hold a distinct allure. In this tour, you can witness the rich cultural traditions, customs, and the captivating beauty of the beaches in central Lombok. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Lombok’s culture and landscapes, where every moment unveils a blend of traditions and the breathtaking coastal charm of the island

Gili Nanggu

Secret Gili's in Lombok

IDR 1250K

Numerous small islands, locally known as Gili, dot the landscape of Lombok, each harboring pristine natural beauty that remains remarkably untouched due to their limited visitors. Join us in discovering these hidden gems, the secret Gilis, where the allure lies in the unspoiled landscapes and the tranquility that comes with being off the beaten path. Explore the untouched beauty of these secluded islands with us, and unlock the secrets that each Gili holds


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  • Safety: 17Tour Agency ensures your safety during your vacation with a team of local professionals who are native to Lombok and Gili Trawangan. We understand exactly what visitors desire when coming for a holiday.
  • Comfort: 17Tour Agency guarantees you a comfortable holiday experience with quality facilities and accommodations. We have built our business over time, establishing extensive relationships and partnerships, including with the best hotels and accommodations in Bali, Gili Islands, and even up to Komodo Island.
  • Economical: Using a travel agency can help you save on vacation costs by selecting a holiday package that suits your budget. We are aware of the highly competitive nature of the travel agency industry. We aren’t a large company spending millions on advertising; instead, we focus on providing the best service at the best price. We strive to help travelers get the best prices for every service. You will save 15 to 20% of your budget when deciding to book our services compared to booking through other online platforms.
  • Time: You can save time and effort by allowing 17Tour Agency to handle all your travel arrangements. We will always work to facilitate every aspect of your holiday, including accommodations, transportation, tours, and activities that match your needs.
  • Accessibility: 17Tour Agency has access to a wide range of destination options and holiday packages, especially in the eastern Indonesian region, such as Bali, Lombok, Flores, Sumba, and many more. This way, you can choose the option that best suits your desires. Our partners are spread across various places mentioned above.
  • Communication ease: Our team understands that you are coming as a foreigner to a new place during your vacation, which is why having friendly and helpful communication from our team is available whenever you need it. 17Tour Agency consists of expert teams ready to assist, making it easy for you to communicate with us to discuss and address any issues during your vacation.
  • Experience: 17Tour Agency possesses extensive experience and knowledge about vacation destinations and will assist you in creating the perfect vacation plan.
  • Transportation convenience: 17Tour Agency will ensure you have comfortable and organized transportation during your vacation, so you don’t have to worry about delays or difficulties in finding transportation.
  • Consultation and assistance: 17Tour Agency will be ready to help and provide free consultation on matters related to your vacation, such as visas, travel documents, and many other things you might need during your holiday.
  • Quality guarantee: 17Tour Agency guarantees the quality of services and facilities provided, allowing you to feel confident and satisfied with your vacation experience.

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