Manasik Haji Lombok

Religious Tourism in Lombok with Stunning Natural Scenery

Manasik Haji Lombok is a religious tourism destination located in the village of Jango, Janapria sub-district, Central Lombok. This religious tourism site focuses on educating visitors about the Hajj pilgrimage. In addition to enjoying the rural landscape with lush green rice fields, visitors here are also taught everything about the Hajj pilgrimage. They have the opportunity to practice the rituals of Hajj in a designed replica of Mecca and Medina. Places like the Ka’bah, the tawaf area in Mina, and all the activities performed during Hajj can be practiced here.

The Hajj pilgrimage education package is equipped with comprehensive facilities, including an educational hall, competent instructors delivering Hajj materials, and other amenities. For schools or institutions interested in participating in the Hajj pilgrimage education at Jabbal Rahmah Religious Park, you can book the tour package through 17Tour Agency.

Manasik Haji Program

  1. “Educational Programs for Hajj & Umrah
  2. Hajj and Umrah Practices
  3. Children’s Activities Guided by Competent Instructors”

Only 200.000/pax

Activity details

We provide transportation for participant groups located throughout Lombok, and then we will take you to the Hajj instruction location in Central Lombok. The arrival time at the location depends on the distance of the pick-up points.

After arriving, participants will be taken on a tour of Jabbal Rahmah Park, where they can enjoy views of the rice fields. Next, they will proceed to the hall to receive the Hajj instruction material.

This is where the excitement begins. Participants will engage in the practice of Hajj and Umrah, including:

  • Wearing the Ihram
  • Standing at Arafah
  • Performing the Thawaf Ifadah
  • Circumambulating the replica of the Kaaba

Here, participants will experience the sensation of performing Hajj and Umrah as if they were in Mecca and Medina. The hope is that participants will gain a thorough understanding of all Hajj-related material before they have the opportunity to perform the actual pilgrimage.

After the practice session, participants will be invited to have lunch and then enjoy some exciting games in the surrounding area of the tourist park.

We will transport you to your next destination, whether it's a hotel, home, or the participants' original school.

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